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About Deepali

I hope this moment finds you blessed and well!

Deepali is a certified 500-hour yoga teacher and 95-hour children's yoga teacher. Her life’s work has been to help, teach, and guide her students of all ages to find center and balance between mind and body—throughout their daily lives. Deepali embodies the belief that the benefits of a complete yoga practice through āsana, prāṇāyāma, dhyāna, and yoga philosophy can be enjoyed by ALL, and teaches classes inclusive of all ages, bodies, levels, and backgrounds. The yogic teachings she shares stem from research-based science, rooted in time-tested yoga practices.


After 17 years teaching in the public school system, Deepali felt the calling to expound her passion for all areas of yoga. She spent over 2 years living, studying, and teaching at the highly esteemed Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in Pennsylvania. During this time, Deepali also taught classes at the headquarters of the global yoga platform Yoga International (you can see her featured on their homepage), and modeled for various yoga videos and articles. She also modeled for the book, "Yoga Where You Are" which highlights accessible yoga practices. During her years in PA, Deepali taught yoga classes for children in the Wayne Highlands school district. Her passion for teaching and working with kids inspired her to design an innovative classroom yoga curriculum for school children.


Deepali teaches yoga philosophy workshops online and as a guest teacher in yoga teacher training programs.  She also teaches yoga online in schools across the USA through middle and high school electives, classroom chair-based yoga, P.E. classes, counseling classes, and after school clubs.  Additionally, she trains teachers and school staff on yoga and mindfulness practices to include in their work with students, as well as for their own wellness.


Additionally, Deepali is a gifted Reiki Master. She studied the ancient art of Reiki energy healing under master teachers in Bali and Atlanta.

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